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    2. Open Academic Journals Index
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      About Open Academic Journals Index


      Warning: The journals that do not load the articles will be deleted.

      Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI) is a full-text database of open-access scientific journals. Founder — International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research,  USA

      Our mission is to develop an international platform for indexing the scientific journals of open access. 

      The Current Global Index of the Journal (CGIJ) OAJI is created taking into account the current global trends and challenges in the field of indexing the scientific journals. CGIJ OAJI considers the scientometric citation databases (WoS, Scopus), as well as the basic database of open access (DOAJ).

      It is made an attempt to combine the database of open access with the ranking by value CGIJ on OAJI platform.

      The maximum value of CGIJ OAJI is 1, 000

      The value of CGIJ consists of the following indicators:

      The journal that does not load its articles and is indexed nowhere has the CGIJ 0, 000 (Such journal may be excluded from the database)

      The journal, which uploaded more than 10 of its articles, and indexed nowhere — 0, 101

      The journal, which uploaded over 100 of its articles and indexed nowhere — 0, 201

      The journal, which uploaded more than 500 of its articles and indexed nowhere — 0, 350

      The journal is indexed in DOAJ + 0, 150 to the CGIJ

      The journal is indexed in Scopus + 0, 250 to the CGIJ

      The journal is indexed in ISI + 0, 250 to the CGIJ

      What is open access to us? We are convinced that open access means the free access to the content for any user. Open access implies that users will be able to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or reference full article texts in the journal without having to ask for prior permission from the publisher or the author.

      Which publications do we construe as academic? In our view, academic publications are scientific journals published by universities, scientific centers, and scientific publishing houses all across the world.

      Here are the terms for entering Open Academic Journals Index:

      1. The journal has to have a website that contains full article texts;

      2. The journal’s website has to say that the journal is open access.


      Once the journal is entered into Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI), the journal publisher can start using the OAJI logo.



      This work is licensed under CC BY-SA

      Лицензия Creative Commons

      ? 2013-2017, Open Academic Journals Index. All rights reserved.
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